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This vision became a reality when our entire family spent the 2006 Holiday season making 200 lbs of truffles for our family and friends.

After a few years of perfecting recipes and casually making chocolate for our friends, our parents opened Four Brothers Chocolates, LLC for business in 2011.

It has been 11 years since those initial truffles were handcrafted in our kitchen. Today we have expanded our products to include Butter Almond Toffee, Drinking Chocolate, Goat Milk Caramels, Fine Artisan Chocolate Bars, Peppermint Bark and other Seasonal Products. 


"How good and pleasant it is when

brothers dwell in unity"

-Psalm 133:1

In 2006 our Dad had a vision to open a confectionery company named after his four sons, to give us a business that might benefit us and show the world that brothers can come together peaceably to create special things, enriching each other's lives and the world.

Our original logo with the latin phrase,

"Concordia Fratres Decet," means Peace Amongst Brothers is Becoming.

This logo was originally created by our Mom. 

The four hands are clasping each other

which has long been a symbol of peaceable fraternity and strength. They also symbolize 

our dedication to producing handcrafted

 confections. The font is commonly recognizable as the "New Yorker" Font. New York is where our parents met.


After all this time Four Brothers is now owned and run by the four brothers, still holding to the initial vision of working well together, creating excellent confections, and enriching our lives and the lives of others. 

We believe chocolate has an innate ability

to bring people together and that

good chocolate is worth sharing. 

We are dedicated to bringing you the finest

confections, handcrafted in small batches

with only the finest ingredients.

We are so thankful for our family and 

customers who love our chocolates.